change is life

Today I want to share with you my most recent photo shoot – portraits of a beautiful brazilian girl Dayse.
And as usual some thoughts of mine. I noticed recently that I am addicted to change, addicted in a good way I must say. I hate to be in a comfort zone, it feels boring for me. I love to challenge myself, and I love to change. It’s my recipe for happiness.
I don’t know if it works for everybody like this, I guess not. But I truly believe that it is better to love changes than to seek stability. Because stability is a myth, it doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion. Life is a constant change, everyday is different from the day before. And I think the best way to live easily and happily is to accept this change and enjoy it the most.
I see a lot of people resisting the change, trying to hold on the “stability” illusion. For example, a job they don’t like but which gives them comfort and stable income every month, or relationships that don’t work anymore, and the list goes on.
If you are in this kind of situation, feeling stuck and holding on something that doesn’t make you happy anymore, my advice for you: just stop, let it go, and make a change. There is no need in fear.

You either live out of fear or out of LOVE. And it’s always your choice.
Choose love, accept changes, and be happy.


4 thoughts on “change is life

  1. Ficaram lindas as fotos! Estão de parabéns principalmente a modelo, pois isso dela é um dom! Em todas as fotos ela é perfeita, passa realmente o estado de espírito em cada foto!

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  2. Não sei se gostei mais das fotos ou do seu texto Alyona… kkkk Acho que dos dois! Mas o texto, nesse momento pra mim, foi mais “certeiro”… Demais! Change and move on…!

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