me siento solo

Moving from place to place is interesting and exciting, but as in everything in life there are some negative sides. When I just moved to Maceio, about 1 year ago, for months I missed a lot my friends, whom I left, both in Rio and in Russia. And I felt myself alone pretty often, until I made a new friends, which btw I am very grateful for. This little video is inspired just in this kind of moments. And to show you a bit of Maceio streets, cuz till now I mostly posted beach side of Maceio.
I am trying to learn a bit of video, I still don’t have a proper equipment neither professional editing program, but who cares? As long as I am enjoying the process, that’s fine for me =D
Couldn’t find a better music than Adanowsky “Me siento solo”.
This is for all my people who sometimes feel like they’re alone.

me siento solo from Alyona Gamm on Vimeo.


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