brazil black beauty

When you say “Brazilian girl”, any gringo like me will instantly imagine a beautiful dark-skinned girl with curly hair. However living here it’s not difficult to notice that most of the tv or other media propaganda has mainly white blond girls and boys, and only sometimes, really rare, black people. Why? There are lots of reasons for this, but I am not an anthropologist to explain each of them. If you are interested in subject here is the good post about it. I am just an observer… And I can tell you for sure Brazil still has a lot to learn and a lot to change in the case of race justice.
One month ago I heard about one more very sad news, I don’t have tv and don’t watch news but this one was impossible not to know, it was really shocking and everybody around was talking about this. Five young black boys from the poor neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro were shot to death by the police. The boys were just teenagers, celebrating the first job of one of them, but they were dark-skinned kids…. And this was enough for policemen to use 50 bullets. It’s not the only case like this in Brazil, on a daily basis police treat black people as they were criminals, just because of the color of their skin or the neighborhood they live. And its not only in Brazil, I saw the same in USA. And the worst and most important – it’s not only police who have prejudice, the police as well as the politics, in my opinion, are just the mirror of the society. And society needs to change.
My dear Brazilians, i love your country, love your “take it easy” way of life and love the way you treated me all these years, but some things here I really wish can change.
As i was shocked by this news I started to think what can I do to make a little change? I am a true believer that we are the change we need in this world. So I had an idea to photograph four young beautiful souls of Maceio, their essence and their afro roots beauty. I want to inspire more girls to truly appreciate their beauty and feel proud of who they are.

We are all different and we are all beautiful. Love yourself and you’ll love others.


4 thoughts on “brazil black beauty

  1. Alyona, you’re so damn right to say that Brazil has a lot to learn when it comes to its own race acceptance. I myself have have been taking some of the advantages of being “morena” , some light brown skinned fella with some fine hair thanks to the “Brazilian blow dry” (I’ve been living in a kind of limbo -neither being black nor being white) and have never suffered ,as far as I can remember ,any kind of severe prejudice. However, it doesn’t mean that this stupid racism HERE does not hurt me as every single day black girls are being put down because of their hair, their colour, background, so on. One of my resolutions of 2016 was to grow and get to know my curls…havin loads of fun…empowering women and black people is to let and make them know they are as worthy as any other individual. Thanks for your initiative and beautiful pictures.

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