copacabana misty morning

Cuz today I woke up with a little bit of “saudade” of Rio de Janeiro and its fresh mornings. Here in Maceio it’s always warm, in the morning, at night, all the time nice warm weather, and as all things in the world – sometimes you just get bored. So today is this kind of day, I miss freshness of the morning, I miss Rio and my friends there.
These photos were taken last year, at Copacabana beach, early morning, with my best friend Janna. She has a blog herself too, you should check it out: –Maracujanna It has the yummiest vegetarian and vegan recipes.
Now feel the misty morning and fresh air of Rio de Janeiro winter time…





DSC06037 3-2





DSC06099 4



2 thoughts on “copacabana misty morning

  1. Querida Alyona você fez meu dia, o Rio que ta bem chuvoso se iluminou com sol de Maceio!
    Lindas fotos, lindas palavras e fotos talentosas! Obrigada por seu meu inspiração ))

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