happy people

Do you know what will save this world? Happy people!
I believe most of the problems are because people are not happy, people are not living the life they want and not doing what they love.
And yeah you may call me hippie or crazy, but that’s what I believe.
Happy people want to help others and not hurt…
And true happiness is not in material stuff, it’s not the salary you earn, not the new clothes you buy, I hope we all know it already. True happiness is when what you do is in harmony with what you think. When you know your true self and enjoy being it.
Of course I know that there are some part of this world where it’s not that easy to just enjoy being yourself, where you need to survive every day to get food, water or just peace. But have you noticed that sometimes the happiest people are the ones who have less? Who traveled to India, South America or similar countries who are daily struggling with poverty, probably saw it already. I saw.
So let’s do our best today to be a bit happier. Go have some coffee or beers with your friends, meditate, plan your next travel, talk to your mom or just enjoy some cozy “me time” with good movie and cup of tea.
I wish you all to dream big and be happy NOW.
And remember – “happiness is only real when shared”.


4 thoughts on “happy people

  1. Beautiful message and awesome pictures. Thanks for your words. 本当にありがとう。

    Liked by 1 person

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